Friday, May 23, 2014

‘Vogue’ Will Be at Kimye’s Wedding Weekend Extravaganza (and Possibly This Singer Too)

We’re down to just a few days on the Kim Kardashian/Kanye West wedding kountdown, people! The Kardashian family has been gallivanting around Paris all week, Kim reportedly just got a $550 vegan stem cell facial (whatever that is) and the rumors are really starting to fly.
Here are all the facts and most plausible reports in a timeline of the weekend ahead to tide you over until a picture of Kim’s dress leaks somewhere, anywhere – unless Kanye’s cell phone rumor is true. And in that case, that’s just mean.
1. On Friday, the day before the wedding, designer Garavani Valentino will be hosting a brunch for Kimye and their bridal party at his castle outside of Paris, the Chateau de Wideville, according to E!. Hmm… could a brunch be a swapsies for Kim wearing one of his gowns down the aisle?
2. Hopefully nobody drinks too many mimosas at brunch, because an educational tour of Versailles is next!
“Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have decided to let their guests discover the Château of Versailles during a private surprise tour on Friday, May 23, the eve of their wedding,” a statement released by Kim, Kanye and officials at the Louis XIV estate says. “In making this choice, they are contributing to a better understanding and maintaining the exceptional heritage of the castle of Versailles, which is classed a UNESCO World Heritage site.”
3. Hopefully all of their guests are well-rested, because next on the agenda is going to another country. The couple may have their rehearsal dinner in Paris, according to People, and then have all of their guests flown to Italy for the wedding.
4. However, it looks like Kim and Kanye don’t trust their guests (or at least Instagram fiends Khloe Kardashian and Kendall Jenner) to be left to their own devices. According to Page Six, security will be extremely tight and guests will be given private cell phones and must sign a 15-page confidentiality agreement.
5. The Associated Press (fancyyyy) reported that Kim and Kanye will indeed be getting married in Florence at the 16th-century Fort Belvedere on May 24, according to Florence mayor’s office spokeswoman Elisa Di Lupo. Kimye rented the fort for 300,000 euros ($410,000) and a Protestant minister will officiate the ceremony. Huge tents and structures are being built there now, looking like a construction site!
6. And guess who will be there to watch it all unfold? Fashion journalist Andre Leon Talley, who will be covering Valentino’s brunch for He posted a departure picture on Instagram that says, “Just two of T.Anthony bags, at the ready, for departure for Kim and Kanye’s Wedding weekend in Europe. @kimkardashian.”
7. But who will do Kim’s makeup? Not her usual makeup artist, Joyce Bonelli. Mario Dedivanovic, who’s worked with Kim before on Harper’s Bazaar, In Style and Cosmopolitan covers, will be bronzing her skin on her wedding day, due to his confirmation on Twitter.
8. And last but not least, who will confirm to Kim that Kanye will still love her when she’s no longer young and beautiful? Lana Del Rey will reportedly be present to serenade the couple for their first dance, according to The Mirror
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