Thursday, May 22, 2014

9 Ways To Make Your Outdoor Wedding Feel Intimate

The major perks of an outdoor wedding include the limitlessly high ceilings at your reception and the naturally beautiful backdrops for your ceremony. The trick is to define that open space into areas that still feel intimate and inviting. A decorated gateway leading to the ceremony seating or twinkling bistro lights over the dinner tables break up the great outdoors into manageable areas for guests. Here are 9 ways to divide your outdoor wedding space into comfortable areas and still maintain that amazing airiness of your outdoor venue.
1. Make the entrance to your ceremony space special (think: repurposed doors, potted trees or a draped trellis).
2. Follow the natural boundaries of your space by using existing shrubs, rocks and tree lines.
From the album: A Rustic Elegant Wedding in Grand Rapids, MI
3. Line your aisle with petals, potted plants or fabric.
From the album: A Glamorous Wedding in Austin, TX
4. Elevate your ceremony altar.
From the album: A Springs Preserve Wedding in Las Vegas, Nevada
5. Create a focal point with clustered floral arrangements.
From the album: A Garden Charm Wedding in Lilburn, GA
6. Anchor your ceremony site with a tall tree. (Bonus points for hanging lanterns!)
7. Lead guests between the outdoor ceremony and reception with a decorated walkway. 
8. Hang string lights over the dinner tables.
From the album: An Old World Styled Hindu Wedding in Washington, DC
9. Hang unique decor in various sizes around your outdoor reception space (like these dreamcatchers!).
From the album: A Natural Outdoor Wedding in Austin, TX
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