Sunday, May 17, 2015

Organic Wedding Favors

Cheerful Organic Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are meant to provide a small appreciation to wedding guests and participants for the love and support they have shown the wedding couple.  Careful consideration should be given to the choice of wedding favor.  A nice wedding favor will be something that will last and bring nice memories of the wedding couple and the wedding day.  It will be great for the item to be seen by the guest for months or years to come and to bring a smile at memories of the wedding and fond thought of the couple.
A nice way to accomplish this is, for the bride and groom, to consider giving an organic wedding favor with a lasting quality.

Lasting Organic Wedding Favors

A really nice option for organic wedding favors is to give plant bulbs that the guests can plant around their home and will grow year after year providing early spring flowers.  Tulips, daffodils, crocus and other bulb plants are some of the first plants to great the warm spring air and will be a symbol of the continued appreciation for family and friends each year that they return.

If the season isn't right for bulbs the bride and groom may want to consider giving small potted plants or succulents for either the home or yard of the guests.  The small plants can be grown by the wedding couple or can be purchased already full size.  This organic wedding favor should be a plant that is fairly easy to grow so that even people who have no talent with plants can succeed with the plant.

Another good choice for the organic wedding favor is to provide seed packs with different types of plants which the guests can choose from.  Some guests who have vegetable gardens will appreciate tomato or lettuce seeds and the person with annual flower gardens will like to receive pansy, petunia or daisy seeds.  Allowing guests to choose the type of seed will make the gift more thoughtful and useful.  The wedding couple should be sure to purchase seeds for plants which grow in the area where most of the guests live or the organic wedding favor will be useless.

For the wedding couple who is really interested in the environment they may want to consider purchasing tree seedlings for each of the guests.  If the couple thinks most of the guests will not want a tree seedling the couple could have a tree planting ceremony in honor of their family and friends and could plant a tree in a local park, school or other public place, possibly even the church where the wedding was held.  The couple will want to check in advance with public officials to make sure they have permission for the tree planting.  The tree planting can be accompanied by a gift card for each of the guests expressing appreciation and explaining the organic wedding favor.