Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Bridal Shower Food Ideas That Match The Mood

 Country Sunflower Bridal Shower Invitations

Bridal showers are happy occasions and so the food should be happy also. But there is no such thing as happy food. Any good food that is liked by the bride and guests is happy food. Obviously you will want to serve good food at the shower. But why not match the food to the type of shower? There are no limits to the bridal shower food ideas that you could come up with, but if you follow a few simple guidelines for bridal shower food ideas you will find that you are serving the right food for the time of day. And also that your catering arrangements are within your means and budget.

Tea Time Bridal Shower Food Ideas

Tea Time Bridal Showers are among the most popular because the time is convenient to most people. What you could consider is serving heavy snacks and appetizers rather than a full meal. This will allow the guest the option of either eating light if they want to have a full dinner later of filling up and skipping dinner. Among great bridal shower food ideas for this time of day are finger sandwiches, shortbread cookies, quiches, egg rolls, crab or fish cakes and things of that nature.

Themed Bridal Shower Food Ideas

Matching the food to bridal shower theme ideas is a good option. Why not consider a themed dinner of Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Indian or some other special type of food? A casual yet classy Rustic Barn or Country Bridal Shower Theme is always a fun idea also. Decorate your shabby chic venue with red and white checked or vintage table cloths and fill your mason jar with some cider to create a country atmosphere.

Dinner Time Bridal Shower Food Ideas

If the shower is going to be late evening or at night, dinner will have to be served. Unless the venue is a large mansion or you have booked a restaurant, it will have to be a buffet dinner. Besides being an easier option logistically, it is also more informal and allows the guests to spend time with the bride. Bridal shower food ideas for a buffet dinner should be limited to simple food that can be left on the table of people to help themselves. Cold cuts are easy to serve and should form a part of the menu along with some baked chicken, roast beef, baked potatoes, cole slaw and salads. Being a dinner you have the option of following one of the traditional bridal shower food ideas and serving a bridal shower cake.

Informal Bridal Shower Food Ideas

Modern etiquette does not require a formal setting for a bridal shower. Depending on the taste of the bride, it can be an informal jeans and sneakers kind of affair, at any time of the day. These types of showers are completely informal and can be a lot of fun with a great deal of giggling and laughter.  The best bridal shower food ideas for this type of party are sandwiches, pizza, burgers and maybe pasta. If you have an outdoor area available, you could look at a BBQ Bridal Shower as an option.