Sunday, April 5, 2015

Beach Weddings

Dependent upon the weather, a beach wedding can be a unique and memorable occasion that has flair and casualness yet retains the romantic aspect of the ocean, sand and sun.

It is also an opportunity to have a wedding that people will remember without the expense that is associated with more formal weddings.

You will need to choose a location where you will be able to have your wedding ceremony without the intrusion of outsiders who could affect your plans. You also need to consider including who your guests will be and how they will cope with the conditions of the shore, as some elderly guests might find it a little bit difficult on the beach.

If you are living in a coastal area where there are beautiful beaches within a reasonable distance from yourself, your friends and your family then it is well worth considering a seashore wedding because the beach in itself will add beauty to the occasion.

If you cannot rely 100% on the weather then you will need to have a good backup plan for bad weather. Like any other venue good planning and preparation will make all the difference on the day. Even though a beach wedding is a very casual affair there is still certain planning that needs to go into ensuring that there won't be any problems with that particular setup. It is also important to consider the tide times and whether or not there will be sufficient room on the beach for the wedding party to perform the ceremony suitably.