Saturday, February 14, 2015

Pro Tips for Perfect Proposal Photos!

You might have spent days, weeks or months planning the perfect proposal, but that won’t stop the moment from flying by in an instant when it actually happens. That’s why we love the idea of secretly capturing your proposal on camera. One of the pros that make amazing proposals and proposal photos happen is New York City-based photographer Ash Fox, who’s planned and shot proposals all over the city. And after working behind the camera for years, she’s got the inside scoop on how to get the best proposal photos. Read on for Fox’s proposal photo tips, below!
Proposal Tips and Trends from Photographer Ash Fox |
Keep your proposal simple. You don’t need a flash mob or billboard to get memorable proposal photos. “There’s been a real turn back to basics these days, which I actually prefer. Most of the guys I work with just want a raw simple beautiful moment in a beautiful location and have the proposal be about them and not a whole over-the-top thing. The beauty of the proposal is it’s totally about them, their love to each other and their commitment, not about friends and family,” says Fox.
Go solo (and celebrate with friends and family afterwards!). Celebrating your engagement with friends and family is a must, but you may want to hold off including them until a few minutes afterwards. “I think it’s really nice to keep that moment intimate between the two of you. When I’ve done a proposal with a big group of family and friends, the group gets excited and jumps into the photo. They don’t realize they’ve messed up the photo he’s planned for weeks or months. Instead, surprise her after the proposal. Sometimes you can do a double surprise with the proposal first and then revealing that your friends and family are there,” says Fox. 

Get down on one knee. It may seem obvious, but this is one tradition you really don’t want to skip out on if you’re having your proposal professionally photographed. “Some guys these days don’t get down on their knee. It also makes great photos because if you’re standing you can’t tell you’re proposing! My advice is to stay on your knee as long as possible. A proposal doesn’t happen every day and it’s classic and romantic to propose on your knee,” says Fox.
Hide your proposal photographer in plain site. With a bit of creativity you can get amazing photos without having to hide your photographer in a nearby bush. “A lot of time’s I’ve done proposals where I’ve pretended it’s a regular photo shoot. The guy tells his girlfriend that he’s booked a photographer and we’ll spend a couple of hours together sometimes, and she doesn’t realize we’re scheming right in front of her! Other times I’m in plain site, but I just look like a tourist with a big camera,” says Fox.
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