Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy Sunday! From a Woodsy Wedding in Saxapaw, North Carolina...

There’s no denying that wedding days can be more than a little stressful. Emotions are truly running high, which is why when you see your soon-to-be spouse for the first time, it just might make for a magical moment. Every reason you’re getting married will start rushing back to you. For Angela and Karl, that moment took place in a shaded forest in Saxapahaw, North Carolina. “It was a tense morning — my brother even forgot his suit — but the first look was a quiet moment by ourselves in the midst of the chaos,” Angela says. “I think being so stressed all morning gave way to some intense emotions when we saw each other.” Lime Green Photography captured the emotional moment below.
Angela & Karl; Saxapahaw, North Carolina; Lime Green Photography
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