Sunday, November 23, 2014

Essence of Australia's New Stella York Line Is Affordable Elegance

Essense of Australia’s Stella York fall 2015 line is affordable but doesn’t skimp on the details that make a wedding gown so special. The collection features gorgeous touches like organza tiers, heavy beading and fluttery tulle skirts. We love the simple blush gowns for a casual or bohemian wedding (just add a flower crown!), and the dramatic drop waist gowns give great movement and feel perfect for a ballroom or formal event.
32-Courtesey-Stella-York-94 31-Courtesey-Stella-York-92 30-Courtesey-Stella-York-88 29-Courtesey-Stella-York-87 28-Courtesey-Stella-York-84 27-Courtesey-Stella-York-82 26-Courtesey-Stella-York-80 25-Courtesey-Stella-York-78 24-Courtesey-Stella-York-76 23-Courtesey-Stella-York-73 22-Courtesey-Stella-York-69 21-Courtesey-Stella-York-66 20-Courtesey-Stella-York-63 19-Courtesey-Stella-York-60 18-Courtesey-Stella-York-58 17-Courtesey-Stella-York-56 15-Courtesey-Stella-York-51 14-Courtesey-Stella-York-45 13-Courtesey-Stella-York-44 12-Courtesey-Stella-York-40 11-Courtesey-Stella-York-34 10-Courtesey-Stella-York-32 09-Courtesey-Stella-York-29 07-Courtesey-Stella-York-25 06-Courtesey-Stella-York-18 01-Courtesey-Stella-York-03 02-Courtesey-Stella-York-06 03-Courtesey-Stella-York-09 04-Courtesey-Stella-York-13 05-Courtesey-Stella-York-17
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