Saturday, August 30, 2014

8 Bold Bachelorette Beauty Trends To Try

While you’re probably going for more of a classic, pretty hair and makeup look on your wedding day, your bachelorette party is no time for demure. A fun night out to celebrate your upcoming wedding with all of your besties is total reason to experiment with riskier looks. Below, eight daring hair, makeup and nail ideas to rock at your bachelorette!

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1. A Dramatic Cat Eye 
This is one of the more approachable trends on our list because it gives your eyes drama, and doesn’t require you to wear much makeup on the rest of your face. To pull it off, you’ll need a nice precise black liner like this pen by Benefit — the angled tip will help you draw the perfect line every single time.
Shop It Here: They’re Real! Push-Up Liner, $24,
2. All-Over Glitter
What could be more fun than glitter? Try adding a little loose glitter onto your eyelids, arms, or even in your hair. These little loose glitter pots by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics are genius too because they come in more than 10 colors!
Shop It Here: Cosmetic Glitters, $14, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics,
3. Edgy Metallic Tattoos
These are like the grown-up version of the same temporary tattoos you might have had as a kid. The ones by Flash Tats are metallic, look like jewelry and make for the perfect beach bachelorette beauty trend.
Shop It Here: Flash Tattoos, $20-$30,
4. Bold Lip Appliques 
Okay, we know it’s not for everyone. But these glitter appliques — which are basically temporary tattoos for your lips — will take your makeup up one big notch. We’re big fans of Violent Lips because they come in a ton of different designs including pink glitter!
Shop It Here: Glitter Lip Applique, $9.99,
5. Bright Hair Color Spray
Channel your inner Katy Perry with a funky hair color. This one by Rita Hazan is a spray-on color that also easily washes out.
Shop It Here: Pop Color Spray, $18,
6. Bright Eye Liner
These LUSH eyeliners come in a lot of highly pigmented colors like bright purple, metallic silver and royal blue. PS the lipstick colors are just as awesome!
Shop It Here: Emotional Brilliance, $18.95,
7. Wild Nail Art
Now is your chance to rock amazing nail art. The best part about these nail wraps by Incoco is that you don’t have to be a pro to pull it off. Applying them is like putting on a sticker!
Shop It Here: Nail Wraps, $7.99,
8. Carefree Wavy Hair
You don’t need five curling irons and straighteners to get fun beachy waves for your bachelorette party. The Surf line from Bumble and Bumble is a shampoo, conditioner and spray that you simply use on your hair to give you the same look without all the manual labor.
Shop It Here: Surf Set, $28, Bumble and Bumble,
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