Wednesday, April 16, 2014

This Is What Happens When Taylor Swift Attends a Bridal Shower

It seems that Taylor Swift would fit in nicely at a bridal shower, since she ‘s always wearing a pastel tea-length dress and is darn good at baking cookies (at least from what we see on Instagram). Now, thanks to one of Taylor’s biggest fans, Gena Gabrielle, we can see how T-Swift parties with a bride-to-be, since Gena asked Taylor to come to her wedding one day when they met in 2007 at a meet-and-greet.
Taylor couldn’t attend Gena’s wedding in May, so she did the next best thing and came to Gena’s shower in Ohio bearing a KitchenAid mixer, homemade cookies, a homemade picture and tons of other kitchen wares! Taylor and Gena looked all kinds of adorable posing together.
Here are some more cute pics from Gena’s shower:
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