Monday, March 9, 2015

Wedding Poetry

A lot of people like to include wedding poetry in their marriage invitations and also in their personal vows.

Some people also like to recite love poems at the reception and this can add a really personal and romantic touch to the speeches.

You can get some good ideas for love poems from wedding poetry books. These might even help inspire you or your partner to create your own poems for the wedding.

One relatively simple way to help you write your own poetry for your wedding is to write down the all the words and comments that you would like to say in a series of sentences and then go to a site like on the internet and find words that rhyme with the words at the end of each sentence.

By rearranging the sentences and making appropriate changes you can create your own poetry that will be unique to your wedding ceremony.

The rearrangement of the words might mean you will need to add or remove phrases until your have a nice flowing verse. You will need to read it out aloud as this is the best way to see whether the poem flows or whether you need to add or remove filler words.

It can be fun writing your own wedding poetry, however, if you or your partner find it too difficult to get it sounding as you would like then you might need to consider using some prewritten wedding poetry like the books listed below.

You can even use this poetry as a base for the foundation of your own poems where you just need to substitute specific words so the poem relates to you and your partner.

It's also worthwhile asking friends or family if any of them are good at writing poems as they could help you out to get your own unique wedding poetry.

You might be surprised how many people you know who are good at writing poems.