Thursday, June 12, 2014

6 Sunscreens That Won’t Stain Your Wedding Dress

Summer is the perfect season for outdoor weddings. We love beach weddings, garden weddings, vineyard weddings and basically anything else outdoors (especially after the worst winter ever). And as a bride, if you’re having an outdoor wedding, you’re going to be standing outside for a long time. We don’t mean to preach, but you have to wear sunscreen if you’re going to be in the sun. You don’t want to have a painful sunburn on your honeymoon (plus SPF has antiaging benefits and can protect you from skin cancer)!
But you know as well as we do that sunscreen + white dress can result in some weird stains, and you definitely don’t want that. We did some digging and found that the chemical avobenzone, which is found in a lot of sunscreens, can be responsible for some of those stains. So to keep your dress (and honeymoon clothes) safe, we rounded up our six favorite sunscreens that don’t contain avobenzone.

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