Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Marriage Proposals

So you met the love of you life and would like to make your marriage proposal. This is an exciting moment in your life. Have you thought of a few marriage proposal ideas? OK, so you have made up a hundred marriage proposals and haven't mind up you mind. Stop worrying, she's just waiting for your marriage proposal. She has been hinting around now for a while, she's ready to say YES to your marriage proposal. Here are some tried and true, serious and silly marriage proposals especially for you:

Practice Makes Perfect ~ Marriage Proposals.

Now you're ready to make your marriage proposal, you need some practice. Pick out some of your favorite marriage proposals and record yourself to hear how you sound. Practice makes perfect-so practice your marriage proposal over and over. Besides rehearsing in front of the mirror, try out your marriage proposal in front of your pet.

Chinese Restaurant ~ Marriage Proposals

Take your fiance to a Chinese restaurant and have the waiter give her a rigged fortune cookie for desert in which your ask her to marry you. Have your diamond engagement ring ready to go when she says yes!

Camping Trip - Marriage Proposals

Do you have a favorite camping site? What could be more romantic than making your marriage proposal where the two of you have had lots of fun and have great memories. Just You can make a game of the marriage proposal by playing twenty questions in your sleeping bag together. Another unique marriage proposals is to write in the sand or carve it into a tree.

Beach Party ~ Marriage Proposal

Throw a beach party and tuck the engagement ring into your swim trunks. You can hide the engagement ring in her beach bag. Better yet, make a sand castle, pop the question and tell her "You see this sand castle? Someday, I'm going to build you a real castle because you are my queen" (then look at her with those sad puppy dog eyes or yours)

Elegant Theater Date ~ Marriage Proposals

There are a few versions of Elegant Theater Date Marriage proposals. The usual plot is you take her to her favorite movie, out to dinner and make your marriage proposal over dessert. You just pop the question and she says YES!. Another fun option is to make your marriage proposal in the lobby with a HUGE bag of popcorn in your hand.

Unique Engagement Ring Boxes

No matter where you propose to your love, she be so surprised when she opens one of these beautiful custom engagement ring boxes that says Will You Marry Me? on the cover. These pretty custom engagement ring boxes can be personalized with your girlfriend's name or whatever you'd like, if desired.

See more customizable engagement ring boxes.

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