Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wedding Flowers

There are so many flower choices for your wedding bouquet, wedding centerpieces and arrangements! How do you ever choose which one is right for you?
One way is to match the flower to your favorite color or colors you have chosen for your wedding theme.
Another way is to look at the meanings behind the flowers and
your individual relationship to come up with the flower
that's right for you. I've picked out ten popular flowers. I'm going to show you can use
flowers to create a special meaning and atmosphere for your


1) ACACIA (yellow) Secret love
2) ALTHEA Consumed by love
3) MISTLETOE - Kiss me
4) NASTURTIUM - Conquest, Victory in Battle
5) ORANGE BLOSSOM - Eternal Love
6) ROSES (Single Full Bloom) - I Love You
7) TULIP (GENERAL) - Perfect Lover
8) TULIP (RED) - Believe Me
9) TULIP (VARIEGATED) - Beautiful Eyes
10) TULIP (YELLOW) - There's Sunshine in Your Smile

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