Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wedding Dress

A wedding dress is one of the most important aspects of your wedding planning and you can spend a lot of money on getting the dress that you desire.

Don't leave this to the last-minute particularly if you are getting your dress made for you as it can become very stressful if the final fitting is left to the last-minute.

This also applies to any other dresses or clothing for other members of the wedding party.

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If you are dieting or anticipating reducing weight before your wedding then still get a dress fitting done well in advance and allow for changes to be made right up to the date of your wedding.

Don't leave the overall choice and fitting of your wedding dress too late as there have been many occasions where brides have been stressed on their wedding day trying to get their dress sorted.

As with any other aspect of your wedding you should try various different wedding dresses to see which one looks the best on you. Get wedding magazines and books and have a look at what other brides are wearing to see what the current fashions are and to find a style that suits you.

It is only through doing this research and trying the dresses on that you will find the one with which you will be happy. There are so many styles available that you have a virtually unlimited choice and quite often it is a lot easier to find a pre-made dress than to get one specifically made.

You can always have a standard dress modified to your requirements once you know that it is what you want.

Generally this is a cheaper option than getting a dressmaker to make a dress specifically for you as it is not until you try the dress on that you can be 100% sure whether you like it or not.

You can also be assured of the quality of the dress making and the details with a ready made dress and you still have the option to add accessories or make any changes that you see fit.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wedding Favors

Choosing your wedding favors can be a lot of fun and this form of gratitude goes a long way to show the guests that you have at your reception that you appreciate them for being there.

Wedding favors are big business these days and a whole industry has sprung up offering many and varied different types of wedding favors to cater for the increased demand.

Good wedding favors can be relatively inexpensive, however, depending on the number of guests you have at the reception.But as with anything else, the costs can soon mount up.

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You might even like to consider creating your own wedding favors as many people appreciate the fact that you have gone to the effort of creating something yourself and taken the time to show your appreciation by putting that into your own personalized wedding favor.

You might even like to try something completely different and this can only be limited by your own imagination. Surprises such as this are often the things that many people will talk about in the years to come whenever they think about your marriage.

It's quite nice if you can tie in the wedding favor with the overall theme of your wedding including the colors.

If the favor is something more permanent rather than chocolates or some other food item then people will be able to keep it as a momento of the day.

Even the wedding favors that are available for purchase at the major stores can be personalized with the name of you and your partner. This can be done for a relatively small expense in most cases.

You can also give a slightly different wedding favor to your family and members of the bridal party as an extra special sign of appreciation for their help and support.

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Wedding Invitations

Sorting out your wedding invitations can be a stressful time for many people as it becomes difficult to decide who should and who shouldn't come to your wedding.

These decisions are often determined by your finances; where it is just not practical to invite everybody you would like to come to your wedding.  Obviously this causes concern over whether you will be offending people by not inviting them.

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The reality of the matter is there are only a limited number of people that you will be able to invite and they should be your friends and family that are closest to you.

These are the people who you associate with throughout the year rather than those you feel obliged to invite whether you have seen them in the last 12 months or not.

You have to realize that this is your day and you want to celebrate it with those people whom you care about the most and who you believe should be there to share this special occasion.

When you look back on your wedding in the years to come it is nice to think that the people who you wanted to be there were there for you.

Throughout your life people come and go but those who are special to you at the time of your wedding are the ones that you need to consider adding to your invitation list.

Plan your list like any other aspect of the wedding by writing a comprehensive list of everybody who you would consider coming.

Then you need to take into account the expense of having those people and start reducing the list accordingly until you have your final decision that you feel happiest with.

If you and your future husband are happy with the final outcome then that is all that really matters.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Wedding Speeches

As with all other aspects of your wedding, don't be influenced by tradition when it comes to the wedding speech.

This can be as formal or informal as you like and it is your choice to decide whether you want long or short wedding speeches.

Make sure that you do know what people are going to say if they are giving a speech as there is nothing more embarrassing that to have someone reveal some information that you don't want made public on your wedding day.

Often people don't realize that they shouldn't mention particular events, so it is always wise to discuss the contents of any speech before the event.

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Wedding Speeches

The people who are giving the speeches also need to understand that there might be people from various different generations at the wedding and what might be acceptable for younger members at the reception might not go down as well with the older generation.

If you are preparing a speech for yourself then take a copy of it to the wedding so you don't forget anything or forget to thank people for the work they have done or the support they have given you. Having a copy of the speech will also help reduce the chance of nervousness affecting the outcome because you can always refer to the notes and always talk (or read) slowly to give yourself time to breathe and it will also help people to hear what you are saying.

You should write your speech as though you are talking to friends as it will be a lot more natural and you will be less likely to make mistakes or forget what you are saying. Speak from your heart to convey your message.

Read it aloud to your partner and see what comments might help you to improve. It is only when you read it aloud that you will realize if it is a suitable speech or not as we often write in a different manner than we speak.

Start preparing your speech early on in the planning as you will probably want to make changes along the way as you get closer to the day.

Wedding Speeches

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wedding Vows

You should take your time when deciding on your wedding vows and personalize them to suit you and your partner and don't be influenced by what other people expect you to do.

This is one of the most important parts of the wedding because it is after the recital of your vows that you will be officially married.

More and more people are becoming very creative with their wedding vows and this adds a personal touch that represents what you and your partner believe your marriage means to the both of you.

It is a chance for you to both express your true thoughts on why you are getting married and what it will mean for you in the future.

Here are the typical wedding vowsĂ–
I [your name] take you [your partner's name] for my lawful [wife/husband] to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part

Many people use these traditional vows as the foundation that they will modify to suit their needs by adding personalized touches where they like.

Some people find the traditional vows a bit too formal and the wording no longer appropriate to get the true meaning of their care for one another across. If that is the way you feel then changing them is the right solution for you.

These words are more important than all the wedding speeches combined so it is well worth spending as much time as necessary to come up with something that is really special.

Get ideas from books and poetry and songs. Bounce ideas off one another and you will soon know when you have hit the perfect combination that will lead you into your married life.

Just remember to never stop having fun because that's what it's all about; getting the most happiness in your life by sharing it with someone you love.

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